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We elicit improved insurance outcomes through innovation and attention to detail.

At Observatory we come from a long line of innovators and industry professionals. With hundreds of years of combined experience our team is prepared to meet the needs of our clients. The founders of Observatory, Gerald Kennedy & Rogan Dwyer, are known leaders in the insurance industry sharing a combined 75 years of wisdom and experience. Their vision for Observatory is to completely overhaul the way insurance claims are handled, looking for reasons to cover rather than reasons to deny.

Backed with the power of battle-hardened legal professionals, Observatory seeks to change insurance outcomes, producing a higher rate of recovery for their members than is produced by those who go at it alone or solely through their agent. Our team reviews every document sent to your carrier for consistency and appropriate content to provide the best chance possible for a successful recovery. We want you to win.


Supporting Individuals

Supporting Individuals

With emerging risks like automotive cyber attacks, individuals require our support to understand how their policy protects them.

Supporting Businesses

Supporting Businesses

In the age of COVID-19 and government-mandated shutdowns, businesses need our support now more than every to improve their chances of recovery and avoid a catastrophic loss that could force them to close their doors for good.

Supporting Public Entities

Supporting Public Entities

When firefighters’ equipment is damaged or soiled on the job, the bill to return it to a usable standard is enormous. We’ve helped municipalities recover those charges through insurance, relieving the burden of cost on the taxpayer and putting the health and well-being of our first responders as a top priority,

The Team

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Our staff is comprised of professionals from around the country with a single common goal: do what’s right for our customers.

CEO Gerry Kennedy

Gerald Kennedy

Co-Founder, CEO

Rogan Dwyer

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Tom Grassia

In-House Counsel

Matthew Hudson

Chief Marketing Officer

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