At Observatory, we always seek to do what’s right. So when the team from Redline Gear Cleaning sought our expertise, we were happy to leap into action. Redline is a state-of-the-art company that offers first responder gear cleaning and inspections in a post-exposure situation. When a firefighter enters a burning building, carcinogens and other chemicals build up on the equipment. In order to safely use that equipment in the future, it needs to be cleaned & the carcinogens need to be extracted.

Redline offers a mobile extraction unit equipped with all of the necessary equipment to clean and service 20-30 complete sets of gear at a time. This process can become an expensive burden on the municipalities and results in increased costs for safety. Redline asked our team at Observatory if there was anything we could do to help.

Observatory researched and developed a win/win process for the firefighters and the communities they serve, as well as Redline. Our team of insurance professionals now works closely with Redline and the affected firefighters to get all costs associated with the fire covered by the property-owners insurance – removing the burden from the municipality and the taxpayer. Even better than that, when the fire department allows Observatory to be involved, Redline waives the upfront fees associated with the extraction process and reserves payment from the insurance company! Why? Because they’ve witnessed first hand that Observatory wins!

This model, while not entirely applicable to the issues that civilian insureds face today, can be replicated and applied to any claim. You just need to get Observatory involved! Are you a member yet? If not, you can sign up to be an Observatory member here!