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Business owners across America have suffered catastrophic losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a business owner, you’ve probably already experienced the frustration of being told you are not covered for business interruption claims because of “Pandemic Exclusion” within your policy, but are you aware that coverage could be available in other sections of the policy? The carriers are directing you to see only what they want you to see.

We see through that, and our team of industry leaders is using their knowledge of the insurance industry to help improve insurance claims outcomes.


Many of our members are business owners who:


  • Had their Covid-19 claims denied
  • Suffered unquantifiable Business Income loss
  • Incurred extra expenses
  • Want guidance on duty of care and best practices
  • Want access to discounted risk mitigation services and products
  • Want informed access to qualified attorneys

If you are a business owner and want to find yourself in first position to take advantage of any insurance industry bailout, or if you’re concerned about future losses you may incur as a result of liability to your customers and employees, you should join Observatory today!

“The team at Observatory was incredibly thorough. They reviewed my policy with great detail, filed the necessary paperwork with my carrier, and changed my loss into an equitable outcome.”

At Observatory, we want nothing more than to improve the outcome of your insurance claim. Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to review your policy and find any statements – or lack thereof – that qualifies you for the coverage you thought you had but were denied in a recent claim. Let us take the reins and to make sure you get a positive outcome.

Our team is filled with underwriters, lawyers, and other insurance-industry professionals that know what to look for to ensure your policy lives up to the standards it set when you purchased it.

Observatory CEO Gerry Kennedy

CEO Gerry Kennedy

What is a Reservation of Rights?

A longstanding practice in the insurance industry is for the carrier to send a “Reservation of Rights” letter while they are seeking a reason to deny coverage. A Reservation of Rights is a legal document prepared by lawyers to notify an entity about their coverage. When a carrier sends it to an insured, they do so stating that the claim may not be covered under the existing policy, but they are going to conduct a further investigation into the matter. At Observatory Strategic Management, we are flipping the script on the industry and offering our members a method to send their carriers a Reservation of Rights letter, pre-emptively affirming coverage and placing you at the front of the line for any future claims or bailouts.

As a leader in the industry, I strongly recommend that you sign up for a membership today and send your Reservation of Rights as quickly as possible. We know you are owed for your business interruption losses. You can put yourself in first position with the backing of our industry leaders, or you can calmly sit by and accept the loss of your business and your dreams.

At Observatory Strategic Management, we have one goal – to improve the outcome of your insurance claims.


To accomplish this we work with you and for you to file a Reservation of Rights document, placing you in first position for a recovery. This will:

  • Create concerted pressure on carriers by forcing them to carry increased reserves
  • Encourage carriers to facilitate duty of care obligations by creating protocols and contributing to cost of PPE and risk mitigation measures

We will work alongside your agent to provide them with third-party assistance and industry expertise – helping them see the coverage, not the exclusion.

Your Existing Policy…


Insurance Papers
Lawyer Reviewing Insurance

Results Driven Professionals.

insurance professionals

review your policy for wording that either implicitly or explicitly grants you coverage. Insurance carriers offer contracts of adhesion but oftentimes seek to reject coverage based on one area of the contract rather than affirm coverage based on another. Our team can help you improve the likelihood of an affirmative response.

legal professionals

Observatory Strategic Management has worked with legal professionals to develop the documentation and strategy that offers you the best chance at a successful insurance claim outcome.


improved results

is what we offer. We have helped many people in the same position as you take a bad situation and improve it. While our program can be effective after a rejection occurs, for highest chance of success we recommend registering as a member and filing your reservation of rights and likely a first notice of loss after our team has reviewed your policy.

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Why Observatory

results matter

We have a proven track record of working with clients to obtain claim recoveries. We are insurance professionals, and we have seen first-hand on countless occasions the methods carriers use to reject a claim. We will help you point out the areas of your policy that affirm coverage. We will help you improve your outcome.

Small Business Owner

small business protection

We specialize in getting small businesses the claims recoveries they are entitled to. Be they Business Interruption, Extra Expense, Third Party Liability, Employers Liability, Workers Comp. or Directors and Officers, if your carrier can deny the claim, they will. By deploying our deep understanding of insurance language and helping to confront insurers and hold them accountable we keep our members in the game.

Supporting Individuals


Are set in their ways and need help to remember that consumers are their lifeblood. Without claims, nobody would need insurance! We encourage the separate divisions within insurance companies to open a dialogue. A property damage and/or extra expense claim denied becomes a much larger loss under the liability section and the cost of carrying those reserves can lead to solvency issues so why not apply common sense, appropriate response, and cooperative intent to systemic catastrophes – be they pandemic, cyber or environmental.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“During the COVID-19 shutdown my restaurant was forced out of business. I filed a claim with my insurance company which was promptly rejected under the grounds that a loss as a result of a pandemic was excluded. I was confused, angry, and had nowhere to turn.

A friend of mine introduced me to the team at Observatory. With their diligence and expertise, I was able to refile my claim pointing to specific areas of coverage, paving the way to a successful outcome and recuperation of covered losses that I expected in the first place. Without Observatory, I would be out of business.”

“My yacht broke on the St Lawrence River, thousands of miles away from my Florida home. I promptly filed an insurance claim and waited for the funds to repair the ship so I could return home. When I got the rejection notice I was stunned, and not sure what to do.

The team from Observatory reviewed my policy and assured me that coverage was there. They explained how carriers tend to seek language that enables them to reject claims. At Observatory, they look for areas that affirm coverage. And they found it. They got me more than $60,000 by filing a first notice of loss that explicitly pointed to areas of coverage within the policy.”

“When I found Observatory I was a mess. My business had been closed down by the government and my insurance carrier wasn’t helping me in the ways I thought they would. I was going to have to close my business for good. I just couldn’t afford to continue down this path. 

Observatory thought they could help. The were able to point to areas of non-affirmative coverage and direct physical losses that enabled me to collect on my policy and keep my bills paid until I could reopen. They were also able to provide me with personal protective equipment to fulfill my duty to care. Thank you, Observatory!

$99 is great value. A reservation of rights against potential future claims enables me to focus on daily operations knowing that I have Observatory’s professional insurance support behind me.

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* Observatory Strategic Management will file a reservation of rights document for up to five separate policies under the member agreement. Other policies can be reviewed and submitted on an as-needed basis at a reduced cost.